Grade A Conception

The concept should have been officially launched when I thought about it and asked someone else if they might share my thinking and put up a few photos next to mine. The idea of it resurfaced yesterday over a Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell, must have been the ambience. Or maybe it was the sight of Patty eating USDA Grade F beef. Patty was particularly sharp yesterday so let’s stop judging and digressing. Patty knows where to make this thing happen and she paints so there’s something in it for her. I hope to send out invitations and 3D glasses some time next August. First we need to reserve a room with at least four walls.

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One Response to Grade A Conception

  1. Patty says:

    I think the grade F beef is kind of like what people say in New Jersey… once your body can deal with that much contamination you are stronger. I also lived in New Jersey for 2 years…

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